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Between the particular and the universal - Prof. Dr. Moshe Halbertal NYU Law School / Hebrew University of Jerusalem - NLMagazine/Antwerp, International Studies - Jewish Thought is shaped and developed within a particular tradition committed to canonical texts informed by a story of a people.

Philosophy has the aspiration of being universal, addressing humans above and beyond particular space, time or history.

The lecture will explore the questions that are raised by this presumed tension: How is the particular Jewish tradition transformed by its encounter with philosophy or “reason”? In what way can philosophy be informed by the insights developed by a Jewish particular point of view? What is the meaning of a commitment to humanism grounded within a particular narrative and sensibility? Is there any other way to ground such a commitment?

Moshe Halbertal is the Gruss Professor at NYU Law School, the John and Golda Cohen Professor of Jewish Thought and Philosophy at the Hebrew University, and a member of Israel’s National Academy for Sciences and the Humanities. Among his books are Idolatry (co-authored with Avishai Margalit) and People of the Book: Canon, Meaning and Authority, both published by Harvard University Press. His books On Sacrifice, Maimonides: Life and Thought, and The Beginning of Politics: Power in the Biblical Book of Samuel were published by Princeton University Press. His latest book, Nahmanides: Law and Mysticism was published by Yale University Press in September 2020.

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- Date: Tuesday 14 May 2024 at 20h CEST 
- Location: Stadscampus UAntwerpen, Hof van Liere, Prentenkabinet, Prinsstraat 13, 2000
- Lecture in English. Free admission.
- Please confirm your attendance to the lecture before 14 May at
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- This lecture will inaugurate the newly established Network for European Philosophy and the
Jewish Tradition.
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